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Please say psyche!

 “It’d be psycho, to psychoanalyze,” Excerpt from the song ‘Indigo’ by NIKI Other than the song, it is the first…

By Chai Jolejole , in Academic News , at January 5, 2020

 “It’d be psycho, to psychoanalyze,” Excerpt from the song ‘Indigo’ by NIKI

Other than the song, it is the first time I heard of the word, so let’s examine the word ‘psychoanalysis’ what does it mean?

According to Merriam Webster, Psychoanalysis a method of analyzing psychic phenomena and treating emotional disorders that involves treatment sessions during which the patient is encouraged to talk freely about personal experiences and especially about early childhood and dream. With the help of psychoanalysis, patients can freely express their feelings, experiences, it helps the patient say their unconscious dreams and desires. Psychoanalysis was founded by Austrian neurologist, Sigmund Freud. The founder believed that patients can be cured by making conscious their unconscious thoughts. It is also said that the goal of this is to release the hidden emotions, experience, of the patient resulting to treat anxiety disorders, and depression. Psychoanalysis is a therapy, at the same time, theory. 

Sigmund Freud came up with this theory, aiming that this can cure patients. Psychoanalysis involves talking about emotional struggles with an individual. Other words, venting. It helps to gain knowledge on what is going on in that person’s head, to understand the patient thoroughly. It is also said to help the patient improve their current relationships. Psychoanalysis is also a collaborative effort, within the patient, and the analyst. It encourages a deep bond within the analyst, and psychoanalysis usually lasts for years. Psychoanalysis relates to psychoanalytic theory. Psychoanalytic Theory is the personality theory, which is based on the notion that an individual is prompted more by forces that are usually unseen and are ran by the conscious and the rational thought.

Other bits of information include that psychoanalysis is described to be “depth psychology”. Depth Psychology’s meaning is like the meaning of psychoanalysis. It is the study on how unconscious minds, experience, and influence their behavior, conditions. Depth Psychology was coined by Eugen Bleuler that refers to different kinds of approach on psychoanalysis therapy, it is an open exploration on the patient’s different experience. Depth experience psychology is to see things or experience in three different dimensions.

The experiences of psychoanalysis are more on their freedom to say what they desire. It helps patients to drop heavy weight on their heart. Helps them see the bigger picture on what they are going through, it makes them learn how little things affect the big matters. Their vision alters at the thought of what they had experience. The patient also gains confidence within themselves, on how they speak, at the same time, they are humbled on what they continue to understand. Psychoanalysis helps the patients to understand new coping techniques on how to deal what they are going through. These experiences gives them enough time, to be ‘cured’.

In conclusion, the song played a big part on why I was interested in the topic of psychoanalysis. At first, I didn’t know what it means, as I dwell on the topic it had many viewpoints and how it was developed slowly. Psychoanalysis is a theory that was tested to help patients with disorders. I believe that it cured people in terms of helping their minds be conscious on what they are unconscious of. Helping the patients see the perspective not only from their side, helping them see the bigger picture rather than focusing on one side. › science › psychoanalysis                                        › clinical-services › what-is-depth-psychology